Health Benefits of Line Dancing

This may come to surprise you but incorporating line dancing in your everyday workout routines brings significant health benefits, not to mention that it adds a little fun to a typical dull exercise routine. Same with running and health benefits. Chances are, you can recall using some large plastic hoops in your childhood for fun. Well, that’s not the case here, but a similar approach is used. While many start out as part-timers, many more later find themselves being addicted to doing line dancing. They begin to love the music, the confidence they gain from mastering a dance, the company that starts to form, and much more. So, should you consider joining the classes, below are the health benefits you can expect.

Improved Balance: While trying to match up with the beat and the timing, you enhance your balance. Line-dancing, therefore, helps maintain stability while moving with the hits.

Improved Confidence: Line dancing also brings up the sense of pride and accomplishment, as well as improving your coordination. It has been shown to boost one’s confidence significantly.

Helps Keep the Brain Sharp: Learning a new step challenges the brain. It works up the mind making you more fit to process additional information quickly.

Developed Alertness: Usually, instructions during the classes are passed through visual cues and demonstrations. Since the dances are performed facing a different direction each time, the repeated sequence helps increase alertness.

Mental Acuity and Concentration: This is developed by the repeated use of memorization skills as applied in the sequence of the dance steps. Besides, any breakdown in memory would be observed in the performance of the dance.

Application of Proper Body Mechanics: The continuous transfer of weight required in the line dancing can be effectively achieved only if one has the proper balance, posture, and coordination. Otherwise, dancing without these would be impossible.

Youthful Sense of Oneself: The swaying and swaggering movements give you the feeling of being young. Furthermore, you are as old as you feel, thus dancing can help make you feel young again.

It’s Excellent for One’s Social Life: Line dancing also offers you the chance to meet new people. You won’t even have to bring a dance partner, as line dancers tend to be extremely friendly and outgoing. If you ever feel awkward also making conversation in a social place, then line dancing is perfect, for you won’t have to think about what to say.


Dancing is a unique workout plan as it provides the heart-healthy benefits of an aerobic exercise while still allowing you to engage in a social activity. For most people, however, line dancing is usually the last thing that pops up in their minds when they think of a new workout. In fact, very few people consider line-dancing a beneficial exercise. But the truth is, there are many health benefits of this activity than you ever imagined. Above all, in addition to being good for the body, line dancing also benefits the mind.


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